Kybele enables Management of Data Protection Law from single point thanks to its features and modules even included in the Starter version. Furthermore, Kybele also connects critical issues required during the management of Personal Data Protection such as keeping the data inventory up to date, easing the personal date based legal management, collecting data subject requests to one stop and evaluating such requests along with the data processing activities and adds up tremendous features like multi-channel consent management, multi data aging and data recording.




One of the most difficult challenges that comes along with Data Protection Law is responding to Data Subject requests at due time. Your clients, employees and third parties have the right to know what is being processed; when, why and how? Kybele collects the requests and lets you watch and manage through its simple and beautiful dashboard by integrating the service desk, help desk, service management or CRM software.





Data Protection Law brings up an important burden to the Data Controllers, creating a Personal Data Inventory. Keeping the inventory alive and up to date might create huge operational work for the controllers if it is done manually. Kybele integrates the controllers’ processes into the management of personal data thus the inventory is updated at all times which takes your company to the next level of personal data management.



Once your company has the default privacy settings after the compliance process is completed, next step is to stay updated and watch the impacts over your business. Kybele helps you company to run analysis automatically and integrates into your workflow. Privacy impact analyzes is triggered by Kybele and all potential risks are evaluated automatically when the process is running and so the risks arising out of compliance with law are minimized.




One of the most important requirements of Data Protection Law is that consent should be taken explicitly in cases where it doesn’t fall under the exceptions of the law. It is a complicating and compelling process to create text and/or transmit and/or take a feedback and/or follow up consent status of customers accurately whilst providing services. Kybele lets you tracks all channels of consent transactions and lets you informed about the current status of responds given by the data subjects in order to minimize the relevant risks. Kybele observes and evaluates each consent process and informs the stakeholders to take necessary actions.




Processing of Personal Data Protection, particularly in large scale companies, is operated by different types of software that are integrated into corporate processes. Such software might be CRM, SIEM, Service Desk, Data Leak Prevention, Data Discovery Software and even more. It is vital to collect and transfer data to manage Data Protection process from single point. Kybele perfectly fits into your corporate system in order to control any workflow by mapping the data and detects divergencies to be your ultimate data protection governance partner.